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Business Reasons

Enable ABM and Named Account Selling on Salesforce.com within hours than weeks

With AccountPal you will start engaging with your named accounts using best practices of Account Based Marketing and Named Account engagment in hours than weeks

Improve Funnel Velocity

Increase the funnel velocity of your Name Account deals using best practices for Named account engagement and account based marketing

Improve Average Deal Size

Focus your marketing and sales efforts on where the accounts/customers that has best revenue potential using AccountPal

Track and Build Relationships with Key decision makers

Identify the key decision makers that are involved in closing your enterprise deal.

Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Better visibility and collaboration between sales and marketing teams to engage with your target customers effectively. Our AI engine recommends appropriate actions and visibility

Improved LTV and Customer Retention

Increase customer retention and Life time value of customer using AccountPal Renewals management and customer retention features

No Security Worries/Fully on Salesforce platform

Built on the world’s most trusted cloud (SalesForce), AccountPal integrates with the Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Support cloud. Leverage Force.com’s rigorous, multi-layered approach to data security sets the industry standard and is trusted by the world’s most heavily regulated industries.


We integrate with data.com, Discoverorg/RainKing, Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot to provide seem less experience to the user



Lead to Account Matching, Named Account Selling, Marketing(ABM) on Salesforce

Lead to Account Relation Builder

Build Lead to Account Relationships using AI/Einstein Engine.

Lead Routing Engine(Round Robin and Weighted Round Robin supported)

Native lead routing engine to Assign Leads to owners based on account territory, owner etc. Round Robin and Weighted Round Robin lead assignments

Campaign Attribution Analytics

Analyze which campaign is impacting your pipeline, revenue using Even Touch, Weighted Touch, First Touch, Last Touch Models. Track Campaign influence on opportunities and key accounts

Improve Account engagement with PlayBooks

Create and execute playbooks for different market segment and coordinate across teams

Account manager insights

Provide Account manager insights into new lead, effect of inbound marketing efforts, current state of the account

Key Contact Engagement Analysis

Track and monitor how you are engaging with your key contacts at named accounts

Target Account Market Segment Analysis

Analyze how your target account market looks like using different parameters

Current State Analysis

Analyze how you are engaging with your target accounts

Renewals Management

Manage renewal opportunities with accounts, track key stakeholders for renewals

Account Campaign Creation and Execution

Create and Execute Campaigns on Targeted Set of Account on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin

Account Cleansing

Our team can help cleanup your account information

Lead Processing optimization for sales teams

Auto covert leads based on custom rules and assign appropriate accounts, contacts
Multi convert leads to appropriate accounts/contacts
Provide visibility for SDRs and Inside Sales into existing account and opportunities for continuity in conversation.

Navigate your accounts using Account Navigator

Track relationship dynamics at target account, between your account/sales team and target account decision makers, best ways to navigate the target account organization

Einstien and Lightning Ready

Fully built on Lightning and Utilizing the Einstein based AI engine for optimizing your named account sales and ABM efforts.




  • Thanks to Accountpal we now are able to see all the leads related to an account in the Accounts page and the Account manager can now reassign those leads to reps already working on that account thereby reducing the sales cycle.

    Wendell Dixon
  • We had to roll up a lot of leads and this app saved me months worth of time. It has many other functions to view leads from the account & contact level.

    Nick Carcioppolo
  • Accountpal team have been very proactive and helped us by adding in new features for our needs in a very short time. We wanted to auto convert leads which had a matching contacts and they had that feature up and ready in couple of days and we are using that feature of our auto conversion for more than a month now and we are extremely happy with the product.

    Ida Sullivan

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