February 13, 2018 Girish Balakrishnan

Mission Impossible: Increasing Deal Size And Improving Funnel Velocity


Not every lead is created equal. 80% of sales comes from 20% of customers, and it’s incredibly important for your business to focus on catering to the needs of that core group of customers so you can maximize deal size and accelerate sales funnel velocity.

That’s exactly what AccountPal will help you do.

The reality is that relationships nurtured over time determine your success. You need to establish relationships and actively maintain those accounts, and it’s this account-based sales and marketing approach that creates value in the world of relatively long, complex, and high-value B2B sales cycles.

AccountPal strips away the extra complexity and unnecessary expense that using other vendors requires to give you everything you need for named account engagement and account based marketing on the Salesforce platform, enabling sales and marketing teams to concentrate on deal size together and home in on key target accounts.


AcountPal in Action

Take Illusive Networks, for example. Illusive was targeting various B2B clients and wanted to use best practices for ABM and names account selling.

That’s when AcccountPal entered the picture:

  • Giving every one a holistic view of relationships with vital decision makers on those key accounts. The Account Navigator feature provided just the right context for Illusive’s teams to coordinate their efforts in boosting deal size to increase sales velocity.
  • Provided Marketing and Sales 360 degree view of activities and improve collaboration

Creating just the right context for B2B accounts is where AccountPal shines, putting all the tools for engaging named accounts on Salesforce and increasing deal size in one simple, intuitive platform.


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